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The wireless recruitment network - connecting people

As the mobile telecommunication industries only end-to-end staffing solutions provider, TelStaff is the industry’s premier confidential wireless and mobile phone recruitment, career and training consultancy.

Working extensively through past reputation and referral, we have developed a national network of clients and contacts that is unrivalled across the mobile phone sector. At TelStaff, we are committed to long-lasting relationships and have developed a service portfolio with the flexibility to adapt to your needs and requirements.

We fully understand what each role demands and what each of our clients are looking for. We are in constant touch with the widest network of talented people within the mobile phone industry. This combination – depth of industry knowledge and breadth of community – is key to our success. Our understanding of the market and the individuals within the industry enables us to facilitate the perfect match between all parties.

To speak with one of our representatives please call the number below or email us at